Susan Godwin

Susan Godwin

Susan Godwin, is a painter of abstract and abstract  expressionistic paintings. She was born in Oklahoma and lived in Europe and Puerto Rico as a child. She currently lives on Water Hole Branch just outside of Fairhope, Alabama with her husband and two dogs. Although she has studied with other artists in classes and workshops she considers herself primarily self-taught. Susan’s work is held in private and corporate collections. Her painting Natalie Plays Artwalk was purchased for the collection of the Federal Reserve Board, New Orleans Branch. She has painted professionally since1996. 
Godwin creates primarily with a palette knife and oil on canvas. Other than laying out a  minimal palette and doing a bit of free-form drawing, she  generally just start painting until a direction becomes evident. Although mostly a nonobjective painter, the influence of nature is often visible in her work through the use of color, texture and flow.  When things are working well the canvas  often seems to tells her what to do next. Each day is different and that helps to keep it interesting.




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