Kristin Gibson

Kristin Gibson

Kristin Gibson’s vibrant paintings invite you to revisit again and again. Painting alla prima from life, Kristin is endlessly fascinated by the notion of capturing color from jars of paint with big brushes, to boldly mix up fresh and joyful renditions of everyday subjects. Confident brushwork, masterful color and painterly perspective engages both new and avid collectors.


Kristin grew up in the Northeast, received her BFA in Painting and Surface Design from ECU School of Art and Design in 1990, and currently lives and paints in Raleigh/Durham NC. Early work in textiles, designing and coloring printed jacquard fabric collections, continues to inform her sense of color, texture and composition. Kristin's fresh fully developed style is well-regarded in the fine art galleries that represent her work. "Finding perpetual interest in organic shapes and hues of fruits, flowers, vegetables, nature, my paintings begin as drawings with my paintbrush. With bold immediacy and working entirely from day-to-day subjects, lines in a layer of wet paint jumpstart a fluent process of color into color, shape into form. Favorite aspects emerge in passages of complementary color, thick impasto mark making and expressive brushwork that sings. Truth is, I paint the way I cook –adding a splash of this with a dash of that, and stirring up something fresh on each canvas.


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