Julia Klimova

Julia Klimova

Painting for Julia is a passion, a fascinating process of seeing, which alters the vision of things.  In her hand, the everyday becomes special, unique, unknown.  “What is seen is never what is painted, yet the painting becomes a new reality.  When somebody inquires how long it took me to paint a picture, I am thinking to myself, “How long?  My entire life!”  Julia’s paintings are a result of a lifelong journey into self-discovery.

​Ms. Klimova feels that her creativity was largely formed by the accumulated images of her childhood in southern Russia.  She describes the place she grew up as being full of light, sun, warmth and is convinced that this influenced her perception and sense of color.

​Julia has been painting and drawing since childhood.  Painting for her has always been a door to another new world.  “You know where to go,” she says, “but you only have a vague idea of what you will find there.”

​Watercolors were the first medium that the artist pursued seriously, but presently, she works mostly with oils because it allows her to create more intricate volumetric texture.  Her subjects are diverse:  still lives, portraits, landscapes, cityscapes.  In each of them, Julia focuses on the idea and composition that convey the mood and create a fresh look at the subject.


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