Jeong Choon

Jeong Choon

Paper Abstract Artists: Jeong and Choon Paper abstract artists, Jeong Han Yun and Choon Hyang Yun, have dedicated more than 30 years of their art career for these artworks. These artists have always been interested in art materials and spent endless time in researching and experimenting. Their early works show clumps of hardened sand mixed in hues, wads of braided straws, and clothes dyed in fading colors as if to remind twilight or a mountain with slowly disappearing summer green to barren gray brown. It is very true that the nature bears two ironical aspects: beautiful and inspiring colors and views and yet untamed and wild lives living in them. Yun's paper artworks reflect their everlasting longing to "hometown." It is not their physical rural hometowns in South Korea but reminiscence from the youth-hood surrounded with plants, dirts, trees, wind, insects, wild flowers, and mountains. Although their hometowns in South Korea now only remind such places no longer exist with modern developments, they never let go of the yearning to somewhere in origin - perhaps, their spiritual hometown. In exploring of this prehistorical place, they have found peace, comfort, and love. Yun's artworks are visceral. Unlike when you are lost in a gallery with post-modern contemporary artworks which frequently make you wonder how to "see, understand, and read the works," your gut instinctively tells you what to see from Yun's works. The picturesque colors and abstract shapes imprint an image mesmerizing in your mind; this moment captures your breath. As trying to find the source of such visceral feelings, viewers get closer and closer to Yun's artworks, examining through traces of cellulose and wild texture of Dak pulp, each in a living entity. Journeying through mountains, slow flakes, water streams, rivers, trees, galaxy, starts, and whatever your mind let you be, you find yourself invited to Yun's journey to hometown. Yun's paper making techniques are unprecedented and aboriginal. Not only they embrace Western papers and utilize Korean traditional paper, Han-Ji, to their artworks but also produce their own papers from the beginning. They harvest the bark of Dak trees, peel off the bark, and process them further to preserve the "life of texture." Jeong Han has finished his BFA and MFA in painting at Kemyung University in South Korea and a second MFA in print-making at Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Choon Hyang has finished BFA in painting at Kemyung University in South Korea. They have had numerous shows in Korean and international shows in Asia. Their artworks are now shown in galleries of different states in North Americ


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