Amelie Rogers

Amelie Rogers

Amelie Rogers is an award winning contemporary oil painter who has been exhibiting her work since she was 17 and juried into “Young Talent in Oklahoma.”  A graduate of the University of Oklahoma, her first one-person show was held in 1976.  She has been painting the American landscape since 1995.

One newspaper critic said of her paintings, “Rogers’ paintings are exotic and particularly articulated.  Tiny figures are set into vistas so bare that they could almost be moonscapes, while enormous rocky outcroppings form a firm backdrop for the study.”  Amelie understands oil paints and how to manipulate them on the canvas.  She applies her expertise of soothing colors, implied texture, and expressive tints to create enlightening temperament within her paintings.  In her practiced hands, Rogers’ images seem to simply flow from the oil paint.  She is an inspired landscapist whose work reflects an emotional reaction to natural vistas.

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