Darren Young
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Darren Young began his formal art studies at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Painting. In 1998 Young was the recipient of a Graduate Scholarship to Indiana University at Bloomington, earning his Master’s Degree.

He has an equal interest in painting in the studio and painting on location. When he paints in the studio, away from the source, he tend to be more imaginative and less specific. Generally speaking he tries to find strong, simple compositions and then focus on trying to get a sense of light in his painting while using intense color and strong contrast in areas to create atmosphere and space. He is interested in the expressive and atmospheric qualities paint has when creating different kinds of brush marks on the canvas. He feels the urge to have some kind of imagery in his own work, no matter how abstracted it is but what can happen on the canvas is unpredictable and sometimes surprising.

 When looking at other artists’ works, Young says he looks at all kinds of painting and drawing but primarily the “tonalists” and the “expressionists” influence him the most. Some influence him because of their color use, sense of light and their mark-making ability, while others influence him because of their composition and draftsmanship. 

Inhabit Your Silence
36x48 oil on linen
New Horizons
36x48 oil on linen
Night Burn 
36x48 oil on linen
source of Our Being
24x36 oil on linen
Winding Road 
11 x 14
Crepe Myrtle In Bloom 
18 x 24
Spirit Trail 
36 x 24
Evening Lost Illusions
36 x 48
Beyond The Trees 
36 x 36