Kelly Sheehan
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Kelly was born in Virginia, just outside of Washington. D.C. where art and creativity were strongly encouraged at home. Kelly’s love of collage and "bringing the pieces together" began at an early age with quilting and sewing with her mother and grandmother.

She attended Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, Georgia; George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia (B.A.) and Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia (M.S.). Kelly spent over twenty years working as a graphic designer and an interactive media designer while continuing to pursue her love of fine art in painting and collage on weekends.

Five years ago, she decided to pursue her art full time. She works in her home studio and has been an exhibitor and sold art in shows close to home and also exhibits her work in shows like the New York Art Expo. She draws inspiration from traveling with her family and friends, as well as from music and festive gatherings. Kelly currently lives in Decatur, Georgia with her husband and four children.

"When I decided to pursue my passion for the fine arts, there was a natural transition from graphic design to collage. As a graphic designer, just like quilting, I used various design elements (in this case text and images) and moved them around within design software before creating a finished piece. Now I take physical pieces of painted, cut paper, fabric, etc. and move them around on a physical canvas, experimenting with how it looks until finally adhering the pieces to the canvas. I love the element of surprise; how things come alive on the canvas when you least expect it."