Dale Rayburn
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Age, experience, and honesty are reflected clearly in the faces of the men and women who inhabit the world of Dale Rayburn's paintings, etchings, and monotypes. In their eyes the viewer can see something true, far exceeding Dale's modest hope that, "if my work is honest, it will have merit."

The artistic world inhabited by the individuals in Dale Rayburn’s paintings are often portrayed as regional or what many consider typically southern, but Rayburn’s work transcends regional boundaries and stereotypes in both its portrayal of universal human experiences and emotions. Furthermore, Rayburn’s emphasis on line quality, the interplay of positive spaces, and the characters he portrays reflect the influences of such artists as Rembrandt, Eakins, and Hopper.

Born in Carriere, Mississippi in 1942, Dale Rayburn was educated at the University of Mississippi and the University of Southern Mississippi. He served as a professor at Louisiana State University, Lagrange College, University of Mississippi, Georgia Southwestern University, and Dekalb College.
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