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Monique Carr
Be Bop Big Band
Concerto #2
Beneath the Surface
36 x 36
Morning Grace
36 x 36
40 x 30
Monique Carr is a contemporary impressionist painter. Monique grew up in Montreal, Canada and moved to East Tennessee in 1999 with her husband after spending 10 years in the Cayman Islands. Prior to becoming a full-time fine artist in 2009, Carr worked as a graphic artist for 25 years. 

Since the beginning of her new career, she has been studying under many well known artists, which has influenced her development and success. The style that emerges in Monique’s work is out of the ordinary. It bursts with energy with its vibrant colors, constant movement and intriguing texture. She loves to share her passion through teaching art. 

See if you can find her trademark ! point in her paintings! It is a symbol of strong feeling, such as surprise, or joy, which you surely feel in her paintings. Enjoy!
“My intent is to transform a common scene into something new and stunning that will leave the viewer with feelings of surprise and joy.”