Margo Balcerek was born in Warsaw, Poland.  She always had an interest in art and garden design.  Landscape architecture seemed to be a perfect combination of those two interests.  Margo moved to the United States in the early eighties and earned her degree in Landscape Architecture from Washington State University.  

After graduating she was employed by North Carolina University working with plants.  At the time she developed her interest in design and art by painting floral still life's, landscapes and abstract compositions using oil as her favored medium.  

Around 2001 Balcerek was noticed by one of North Carolina’s premier galleries, and her career as a professional painter was launched. 

Balcerek is constantly developing new approaches, color schemes and styles.  

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Margo Balcerek
Blutopia ll
Imagine Early Dawn
Oceans of Grasses
Road Through Greenfinity
The Dream Acres
The Lavender Weld
The Place of Reeds
Artist’s Statement  

“I have always been fascinated by landscape, gardens, plants and flowers; however I never wanted to reproduce my subjects as I see them but rather how I feel them.  Enjoying the journey from impressionism to pure abstraction, 
I treasure each and every point along the way.  

With color as my main object of interest, I explore, trying to pinpoint the mood, the essence, the soul of what I paint rather than how it looks, trying to save on canvas my own personal view of the world.  I want my paintings to be bright and vivid objects upon which the eye can truly feast, but I also want them to be unmistakably mine. ”

June 2010 – group exhibition at City Art Gallery, Greenville

April 2012 – group exhibition at City Art Gallery, Greenville

May 2013 – group exhibition at City Art Gallery, Greenville

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