Bri Mathson is a self taught artist. In the 1970's he discovered the world of art like many other self taught artist of that time through the collection and use of fond objects in his work. In Matheson's case, the objects were rusted tractor parts, farm tools and scrape metal.

​In the 1980's, Matheson focused primary on the creation of oversized papier mache' tropical fresh water fish. Matheson created hundreds of fish and sold his work throughout the western part of the U.S. During this period Matheson was also an instructor with The Artist In Education program for the Utah Arts Council. Matheson taught thousands of students young and old how to make papier mache' fish, whales and other aquatic creatures.

​In 2002, Matheson settled in Georgia and began creating shadow boxes that incorporated treasures items saved from his childhood that evoked fond memories and emotions. Matheson's later work evolved and encompasses subjest mater ranging from environmental issues to cultural themes.

​Mathesn's current work is produced on canvas by applying paint using various palette knives to produce vibrant abstract work. Matheson is not sentimental about the creative process and will often paint over existing work that results in pentimento affect within the final canvas. Matheson's art medium has shifted through the years, but his self-expression has always remained uniquely his own.