Mountains and valleys surround the house where I was born; I grew up in fresh air, in a small Irish village, which I left at the age of eighteen. Stoneham saw me grow up, and now the city shapes me. Québec, city of my studies, taught me beauty, taught me art.

​As a young child, I enjoyed drawing characters with their distinct personality, sculpting, making jewelry and inventing games. I also created my own sign language to communicate with my younger sister at nighttime, which she remembers to this day. As a teenager, I pondered about my eventual career. All I knew is that I had to be in a creative field. So I chose the arts, without knowing where this would lead me. I had my first exhibition here in Québec city. I still remember the emotions. It is like baring one’s self, without the benefit of experience. Still, it was a magical moment and I sold all of my paintings! At that moment, my life changed; I found myself in the universe of artists, creating, improvising, imagining, and found my place.

​When painting, music is essential to me. Music inspires and stimulates me. Love does the same…energy from the soul…intoxicating, present and radiant…the results never far away…the use of brilliant colors being witness to this state of mind. Beautiful weather and sunshine are also inspiring.